Simplify your container unloading

An estimated 28 million containers enter the US every year and their contents, usually boxes, need to be unloaded.

Due to the nature of container unloading, workers are getting repetitive motion injuries and back injuries. They also can easily slip and are working near big drop-offs.

This leads to costly labor, high turnover, reliability issues, and labor capacity that is not always aligned with the ever-changing throughput needs of the facility.

Our Pixmo robots can ease some of the burden for workers while providing enhanced operational efficiencies and predictability for the company.

Operational enhancements
Reduce labor costs on the receiving dock by up to 60%
Experience positive ROI typically within 18 months
Predictable operational capacity with minimal supervision
Unload at rates up to twice manual unloading
Handle boxes from 5” to 26” in dimension length and up to 65 lbs
Works with your existing flex or telescopic conveyor
Take the burden off your operators

In case unloading today too many workers are getting injured as they face the daily challenges of their dangerous jobs.

  • Unloading and loading docks are the main place injuries occur in warehouses
  • There are 22,000 injuries a year on unloading and loading docks
  • Working temperatures can be between 10-125 degrees Fahrenheit inside containers
  • Heat exhaustion is common for unloading workers in hot climates
  • There is more than 100% turnover for unloading positions, up to 159% for some operations
  • The typical worker’s comp claim in warehouses is $41,000
  • The cost of hiring a replacement worker can be $1,500-$4,500
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