Ideal across all types of receiving docks

Pixmo robots are ideal for unloading at transload facilities, cross docks, third-party logistics providers, retail warehouses, e-commerce fulfillment warehouses, and more.

Transload and cross docking facilities

Transload and cross docking facilities often manage a large variety of shipments through their facility. This drives the need for flexible receiving areas capable of handling any kind of load. Their business is around processing goods through the facility without storage, so they must excel at receiving goods and loading them out quickly.

The Anyware Robotics solution handles variety and uncertain environments by combining digital twins, AI, and machine learning to maximize its precision, productivity, and safety in each unique setting. Using AI, the robots easily manage the complexity of shifting boxes during transit, box orientation, box size, number of SKUs, carton sizing, and packaging quality at a rate that ensures customers can meet their SLAs.

Third-party logistics providers

Third party logistics providers (3PLs) require a high level of flexibility in their automation solutions. The logistics industry is dynamic with changing client requirements, fluctuating demand, and evolving supply chain dynamics. 3PLs  also have complex integration requirements and often have to integrate automation into existing operations.

Anyware Robotics Pixmo is a mobile case handling robot that requires little to no infrastructure change or hardware integration. It also doesn’t require any software system integration when deployed.

Retail warehouses

Retail warehouses experience high degrees of seasonality, or peak times, that require scaling the capacity of the receiving dock up and down. They also have to deal with daily fluctuations in outbound needs, and the pressure of always meeting end-customer demands and expectations.

Pixmo brings reliability and predictability to retail warehouse operations. And it can easily scale to meet your seasonal and daily needs.

E-commerce fulfillment centers

E-commerce fulfillment centers often have a wide product mix that can quickly change, so having automation that can handle a larger variety of product is important. They also tend to require high flexibility, as operations can shift as demand changes. Moreover, they must deal with the seasonality of holiday peak seasons.

Pixmo can be deployed in warehouses and distribution centers quickly, and can help operations adapt to the ever-changing fulfillment needs. The robots also easily manage the complexity of changing SKU mixes, box orientations, box sizes, carton sizing, and packaging quality.

Safety across all types of warehouses

All industries face the same concerns regarding safety when implementing automation. Pixmo is designed from the ground up to safely operate around humans. The Pixmo base and safety-compliant robot arm are designed to enable collaborative work with humans if needed, providing an additional layer of safety in environments where humans may suddenly move into its path. It is the only unloading robot of its kind with force sensing to stop operating if there is impact to the arm.

These safety features virtually eliminate potential accidents and create peace of mind for workers and management alike.

All industries face hiring challenges. Pixmo can quickly and easily augment your workforce, giving you additional capacity to handle more within your operation.

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