Multiple case handling jobs in the future

While container unloading is the focus of Anyware Robotics now, in the future we plan to take full advantage of AI and the versatile form factor of Pixmo. We envision Pixmo autonomously moving through the warehouse to handle multiple case handling jobs. Its fully collaborative design will enable the robot to safely work in conjunction with humans and other installations of automation.

Our roadmap
Palletization and depalletization

Palletization and depalletization are key tasks in the warehouse receiving dock, forward pick area, and pack out area. In receiving, you’ll be able to combine one Pixmo in the container and another on the dock to unload and palletize, fully automating the unloading process.

Pixmo can help

  • The mobile robot isn’t restricted to one or two pallet drop locations on the inbound dock
  • No infrastructure requirement for installation
  • Safely conduct palletization and depalletization in shared environments
  • No need to gate off parts of your warehouse or restrict movement because Pixmo has a collaborative arm
Case picking

Case picking is a common operation in fulfillment operations, especially in the 3PL industry. It involves picking cases from one pallet to another pallet, to a conveyor, or to a cart. Case picking is one of the most time-consuming applications for directed picking within the warehouse, and in the past has been challenging to automate without costly infrastructure. The plan is to have Pixmo do case picking in the future.

Pixmo can help

  • Automate case picking without costly infrastructure investment
  • Interoperability with AMR fleets allow for picking to an AMR or to a towed platform
  • Fleet management and smart picking orchestration means Pixmo makes the smartest decision, even in unclear environments
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Container loading

Container loading rivals unloading for its dangerous nature. The loaders need to have  experience in stacking boxes without them falling. Even with experience, the loaders can be exposed to potential box falls as they try to quickly load the container.  Our Pixmo will be able to help load in the future.

Pixmo can help

  • Create stable walls without the need for pre-sequencing; AI models guide stable box stacking
  • Handle multiple SKUs with different case dims and weights with no issues
Point to point case movement

Sometimes cases, or other goods, need to move from one point to another. That me be a transfer from conveyor to conveyor, or picking from a pallet to a kitting cell. The goal is to have Pixmo easily do these tasks in the future.

Pixmo can help

  • Flexibly deploy and quickly adapt to whatever case handling application is needed
  • Move throughout the environment safely using its AMR base
  • Operate as a fleet to effectively move large amounts of cases in a short period of time
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