Anyware Robotics
Unload hassle from your operations
with Pixmo

The Anyware Robotics solution, called Pixmo, combines an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) base, a cobot arm with six degrees of freedom, a vacuum-powered end effector designed for case handling, and AI-powered perception and motion planning systems.

Pixmo is ideal for unloading at transload facilities, cross docks, third-party logistics providers, distribution centers, e-commerce fulfillment warehouses, omni-channel fulfillment, and even storerooms.

Transform your
case handling

Our solution combines a simulated environment, AI, and machine learning to maximize its precision, productivity, and safety in each unique setting.

With its robust AI, Pixmo easily manages the complexity of shifting boxes during transit, box orientation, box size, number of SKUs, carton sizing, and packaging quality.

Easy and quick to install. Implementation of our Pixmo robots does not require costly software integrations.

It only needs minimal hardware infrastructure to be integrated into the warehouse dock environment, with either a telescopic or flexible conveyor.

Safely works alongside your workers

The base and collaborative safety-compliant robot arm on Pixmo are designed to enable collaborative work with humans if needed, and in environments where humans may suddenly move into its path. This virtually eliminates potential accidents and creates peace of mind for workers and management alike.

Beyond unloading in the future

While Anywhere Robotics is focused on the massive need in truck unloading now, the flexible form factor of the Pixmo robot means that in the future (with additional applications software) the robot can also be used for a variety of other tasks within the warehouse.

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